I am available for consulting on any aspect of your financial application, with specific experience in the following:

  • Interactive Brokers Connectivity – Given that I manage the C# wrapper to Interactive Brokers, I have a lot of experience interfacing with Interactive Brokers, and can quickly develop the interface to meet your needs.
  • Genetic Optimization – developing and running your models through my genetic optimizer. I am able to show you the profit horizons for all variables, as well as develop sophisticated fitness functions to create the most profitable and robust set of parameters for your strategy.
  • Automated Trading – do you have a mechanical strategy that you are manually trading? Or something implemented in excel, that you want to automate more directly? What ever the sophistication, I can help to automate your strategy.
  • Modelling/Research – do you think you have a strategy? Would you like it to be backtested, and modified to suit your needs? Do you just have a concept that you want flushed out to prove that it works? Whatever the case, I can help with strategy development, from modelling the opportunity to backtesting its success in previous market situations, and be a co-developer in a difficult to prove strategy.

Shoot me an email hidden; JavaScript is required with what you are looking for.