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Bug fix

I just pushed out new changes and a new binary release to google code. The prior release had a serious bug preventing order updates from coming through. The new release is compatible with the stable 9.66 Ib release, and the source repository has the previews of 9.67, though that branch is not stable yet.

Google Code

So I moved the source and the binaries over to google code at

I haven’t updated any links in my blog but will gradually get there. I also changed the license to the very permissive MIT license, so you are free to use this as you wish (at your own risk… as always).

I also finally compile a help file again! I need to add some additional source comments, but the release files now contain a compiled chm file. Also every build is built on a build server finally, so dropping releases should be quicker.

I have one known bug where if you use the disconnect logic heavily you can run into issues – I will tackle this when I get a chance.

Forums Update

I just finished updating bbPress to the latest version and installing several anti spam plugins + mass user deletes. If you have never posted to the forums, your id was deleted, along with several who posted in the last week or so, so if it makes you re-register please do. Hopefully this cleans things up going forward (and let me know if you are blocked by mistake!)

I am thinking of moving the library to google code or codeplex, so this may happen in the coming weeks. I have also been receiving a lot of requests for documentation, so I will look at building helpfiles again. I used to use sandbox, but their web documentation is, and this server is a linux machine, so I’ll see what I can do.

More Serialization Bug Fixes

Just checked into subversion some more serialization bug fixes.

Also need to work on forums – some spam bot has taken over.

9.65 Now in Subversion

I just updated the Interactive Brokers api to support Ib’s 9.65 new features(ShortSale Exemption functionality).

I also finally added parameterless constructors to all of the event args so that they can be serialized/deserialized.

Added the warrant type to securitytype.

Fixed orderId going to 2^31-1 when it should be interpreted as zero.

Check it out in subversion, or I will make another release soon.