Monthly Archive for July, 2009

Next Question

As I receive common emails, I will continue to post the question / answer. The next question is regarding initially connecting to TWS via an API:

  • I’m new to programming and I just don’t get your TestApp running. How exactly do I link to TWS ? Do I need to add any references or components from the IB API software?

In TWS you will need to goto Configure -> API -> Enable ActiveX and Socket Clients.
Next select Configure -> API -> All API Settings
In the window that appears, under Trusted IP Addresses, select Create, and add “” (The local machine) to the Trusted IP Addresses. Select OK, and you are good to go. Release Corresponds to 9.63 Ib Api

It sure has been a long time coming, and many of these fixes have been available in subversion for quite some time, but the release is complete. It has the following changes:

  • New Release – 7/20/09
    • Update to Ib’s 9.63 api
    • Add shortable tickType
    • Fixes to ReadDecimal
    • Fix 1 second barsize enum.
    • Fixed Bug with IBClient.ReadDecimal()
    • Fixed bug in ExecutionFilter

I also reorganized subversion to relink all of the files’ history, I had accidentally broken things when I first made the archive public.

This release has not gone through quite the normal scrutiny of my prior releases, but it was so overdue, I thought I’d get it out there, and if you have any problems, email hidden; JavaScript is required.

Download the release here, or go to the utilities page.

Common Questions

I received an email today with questions that I have been asked many times, so I thought I’d post the questions and answers here.

  • If you stop maintaining your wrapper to the latest versions and the IB API changes to newer versions, how long will your existing C# API wrapper keep working?

Ib goes to great lengths to maintain backwards compatibility with old apis. If you look at their api code, it is clearly version controlled by the method, and I wouldn’t be surprised if code from many years ago still works.

As an example, I have been running an API app I wrote in Jan / Feb of 2008 every day since without updating the api once and have had no problems.

  • If you stop maintaining your wrapper to the latest versions, would you possibly update it for a small fee? (I am not rich, just trying my hand to get rich!)  I would hate to lose all the effort into coding this ATS.

Always a possibility, but it is my intent to keep updating it for free. I’ve become somewhat less reactive to Ib version updates because each update adds relatively obscure features, and since compatibility is always maintained, it is not super urgent. That being said, I will get myself caught up here shortly, and continue to update to the latest version.

  • Has your wrapper matured over time and currently working well?  No inherent hard to debug problems?  (Sorry for my asking but my Delphi friend has many of these!)  I noticed your excellent forum for help.

Good question, it certainly has matured. Occasionally some parsing bugs have been pointed out, specifically with my use of decimals, but I address those quickly with updates to subversion, and changes get rolled into the next release.


Let me know if you have any other general questions and I will create an FAQ page.