Monthly Archive for May, 2009

Subversion Source Access

I have finally set up a publicly accessible subversion server, and have reorganized my Interactive Brokers Api folders to suit a single repository. Check out the new page for instructions on how to access it.

This will also make it easier for users to generate patches against the Api, and if anyone is interested in becoming a contributor, I am certainly open to it. Drop me a email hidden; JavaScript is required.

VS 2005 Support


I just downloaded the latest VS2010 Beta 1 to play with, and am contemplating making breaking changes to the library that use C# 3.5 features. How important is VS 2005 support to people? Is everyone running VS2008 or later? Or do I need to maintain the 2005/C# 2.0 backwards compatibility?

Let me know in the comments, I will be steadily making changes here.

Website Updates

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and bbPress 1.0 RC1 and am soliciting any problems people notice. I am also looking for a good wordpress subversion module so that I can share my subversion repository. Any recomendations are welcome.

Also, I’m thinking about a new theme if any solid theme developers are out there, email hidden; JavaScript is required.