Monthly Archive for February, 2008 Bugfix and Cleanup Release

This release includes some bugfixes and some cleanup. I had realized that some residual console code was left in the response to the historical request function, and that the java framework from IB’s method of calling the OnHistResponse method with null parameters to terminate the historical response was just plain wrong. I added two properties to the HistoricalResponse Event Arguments that allow you to determine where you are in the response, and you know you are done when RecordNumber == RecordCount-1. Additionally I cleaned up the RequestExecutions function with some issues relating to the filter, and made all of the eventarguments serializable. Below are the full release notes: Bug Fix and Clean up – 2/10/09

  • Made all EventArgs Serializable as well as the new enumeration FATypes.
  • Fixed bug in OrderType.MarketOnClose – changed Description from "MKTCLS" to "MOC"
  • Fixed RequestExecution method to allow you to pass a null or empty filter to get all executions.
  • Changed HistoricalRequest Response. Added two parameters to the event args that lets the user know how far the download is. Also no longer calls function after download completed with null entries, since you can determine that the call is complete by the Record Number / Record Count properties.
  • Made EnumDescConverter Static, as all methods were static.

As usual, download it from the utilities page here, or directly here.