Monthly Archive for January, 2008 Cleanup Release

Hello everyone, these last releases have been pretty rapid fire. This release does not change any functionality, and is strictly the result of me running FxCop over the code again. I now use Visual Studio 2008 and their Code Analysis Engine is an integrated form of FxCop. In any case it caught a lot of embarrassing spelling and abbreviation mistakes amongst other things. The most common changes are listed below.

Please note this release has breaking changes, not to functionality, but you will have to update your events and function calls to the correctly spelled equivalents.

  • Code Clean up – 1/31/09
    • Ran Vs2008 Code Analysis Wizard / FxCop and implemented cleanup
      • Numerous Spelling Changes
        • All Mkt references went to Market
        • All Req references went to Request etc.
        • All Lmt references went to Limit
        • All Indice references went to index
      • Added a lot of CultureInfo related fixes, making sure to provide invarient parsing
    • Fixed VB Client, used old contracts, and changed contract references to equity/future

As always, please go to the utility page here to get the latest release, or directly from here. Bug Fix Release

So we have quite the community of bug reporting users, and I have created a new release which closes all outstanding issues. This is still against the IB 9.40 release, for the first time in about a year IB actually moved the latest beta release to stable, without a new API release.

The following is the change log from the release notes

  • Bug Fix Release – 1/26/08
    • Changed FAMethod to Enumeration
    • Changed OrderState.Status to enumeration
    • Fixed several data parsing problems related to empty strings
    • Added Visual Studio 2008 solution, all files are still C# 2.0 compliant.

As I mentioned above, I now develop in Visual Studio 2008 against .net 3.5, but have been careful to keep this library C# 2.0 compliant. Let me know what platform you are using, if everyone has switched to .net 3.5, I may consider using new feature in future releases.

Without further ado, goto the utilities page to download the latest version or download directly from here.