Monthly Archive for December, 2007 IB API Release

Hello Everyone, it sure has been some time since I’ve posted. I have been actively developing various ATS strategies, and have revised the C# Interactive Brokers API library to support the 9.40 beta currently out from IB. I have also fixed all known bugs as reported via email or through the forums. The following is the change log from the release notes.

  • API and Bug Fix Release – 12/9/07
    • Updated to support 9.40 Interactive Brokers API Release
      • What-If Order Support
      • Commission Data
      • Contract/Contract Details Refactored
    • Fixed Historical Request 1 day limitation
    • Changed TickSizeEvent Args to use TickType instead of TickerType
    • All Enums / Container classes are now marked serializable
    • Fixed bug on Stop Limit Orders "STPLMT" -> "STP LMT"

As always please post on the forums if you find any issues, or email hidden; JavaScript is required with any questions.

Please precede to download from the utilities page, or directly here.