Monthly Archive for June, 2007

I’m Back!

Sorry for the long hiatus, I have just returned following my wedding (It was an amazing outdoor wedding in northern California, and my wife and I couldn’t be happier!), and am pleasantly surprised to see that this site has gone on to generate a fair amount of traffic (we’re up to 27 subscribers from 9 when I left).

A special thanks to CASTrader for his article Machines in the Market and to Jacqueline Emigh for her article Best of Blogs as they appear to be largely responsible for this blog’s discovery! I will be sure to return the favor in the future!

As part of my return, I would just like to annunciate some goals for this blog’s growth, and as an indication that I intend to maintain this site.

By August 31st I plan to achieve the following

  • 100 RSS subscribers
  • 200 unique visitors per day
  • An average of 5 posts / week
  • 45 minutes or less per post (It currently takes an hour or two per article style post!)

I am also looking to publish a maintained version of a native socket based interface to Interactive Brokers API. I should have this up shortly, and then will begin work on some data smoothing indicators.