Moved source to github

I’m way behind the times, but I finally moved the source to github at

I’m aware I haven’t kept up with some of the latest api changes, but several judicious users have. Please submit patches / pull requests and I will begin integrating.

Bug fix

I just pushed out new changes and a new binary release to google code. The prior release had a serious bug preventing order updates from coming through. The new release is compatible with the stable 9.66 Ib release, and the source repository has the previews of 9.67, though that branch is not stable yet.


I also just updated the svn code base to mercurial from SVN. I find it much easier to work with, and I was running into some historical log limitation with svn through google code.

9.67 Further Updates

Working on further updates to 9.67 beta recently released by IB. I’m running into some strange problems with order management, where it appears my TWS 923.8 is not correctly interpreting commands. Let me know if you are seeing anything similar.

9.67 Api Release

Just pushed the changes through for the 9.67 api release – I just did the mechanical integration of changes, and haven’t thoroughly tested anything yet. If you run into any problems, please submit patches / bug reports and I will do my best to integrate them.

Check out the google code site at